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Brexit’s opportunities

Enness Private Clients was founded in 2007 and on the very day of the launch party, there was a run on Northern Rock and the market ground to a halt. Since then, Enness has gone from strength to strength through the vagaries of the property market. It is well placed to offer UK and international buyers, sellers, investors and developers the benefit of its experience and expertise. Six weeks ago, England and Wales voted to leave the EU causing political and economic turmoil, the likes of which have never been seen. Here’s Enness’ guide to keeping a calm head in this period of uncertainty.

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Could this new broom bring a property boom?

The mayoral race this year was dominated by the issue of housing. Four years ago, when voters were faced for the second time with a choice between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingston, jobs, crime and transport were all higher-ranked concerns; but in 2016, it is housing which unequivocally tops the agenda of the average Londoner.

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What the Budget brought for property owners

April 2016 has brought two things: rain showers and a stamp duty rise on second (or more) properties. In fact, the Chancellor’s March Budget has marked significant changes for the property market as a whole so let’s recap what homebuyers and landlords can expect of the year ahead.

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Record low fixed-mortgage rates

With the new MCD coming into force next week – first of many changes heading for the industry this year – the mortgage market remains in limbo as far as rates are concerned. Lenders have continued to tighten their criteria amid the ongoing price war, causing borrowers to either fix their mortgage ahead of upcoming changes or sit tight until speculation turns into certainty. Continue reading


Heading for a fall?

Global economy watchers are warning that the world financial market is slowing sharply and the resulting property price bubble is about to burst. But how likely is this and what will it mean for the UK property market?

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Cautious growth

In the first Conservative government budget since 1996, Chancellor George Osborne has lauded the UK’s three per cent growth but he tempered this optimism with a reminder that the UK still faces global risks. With the Greek crisis at the forefront of proceedings, Osborne laid out plans to control the UK’s spending and secure economic growth. Continue reading


High street lenders move into large mortgages

There has been a significant push by high street lenders to increase home loans of £1 million or more to wealthy property buyers. After the financial crisis, the majority of the large loan market was dominated by the private banks with the high street lenders aiming to ease their loan books by refocusing on ‘lower risk’ smaller mortgages. Continue reading