First impressions count…

Posted on September 9th, 2014 by admin

UK homebuyers are said to spend on average just 17 minutes looking at a new property before deciding to buy it and a swift 8 seconds to decide whether or not they like the appearance of the property.  This means it’s essential to make your exterior inviting and entice them past the ‘For Sale’ board and through the front door.

If your home looks in poor shape from the outside, a buyer will assume it’s the same on the inside so focus on the frontage and create a good first impression. Sounds simple but the front door is the first thing that people are going to look at so if it’s looking tired, a lick of paint and new door furniture can have a big impact for minimum outlay. Windows look dark and dingy if they are dirty so make sure you keep them and the sills cleaned regularly.

Keep the approach to the front door including steps, a path or a driveway free from litter and regularly sweep stray leaves away, especially with autumn fast approaching. With space at a premium in the capital, quite often the front garden has to accommodate a car but that’s no reason for your driveway to be a concrete jungle. Keeping a simple border will add warmth and some potted plants as well as a seasonal hanging basket will create more colour and texture.

If you’re selling a flat within a managed property, potential buyers will be put off by the thought that the property is being poorly looked after if the exterior isn’t clean and well decorated. Try to ensure communal hallways are clutter free, bin areas are clean and any garden space looks tidy and well maintained. Exterior and interior lights should be bright and in working order.

Property Divas’ bespoke refurbishment service can help give your property the wow factor. Talk to us about how we can help make your property sparkle and create exactly the right impression.

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