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Inspired designs

Posted on February 26th, 2016 by admin

Simon Rees has been transforming properties for 18 years. His company, Morgan Developments & Designs, began life as a way to pursue his own interest in how a property can achieve its full potential. It has proved so successful that it has expanded to projects throughout London with spectacular results.As a full project management service, Simon’s team handles all aspects of the project to ensure it is as stress free and as enjoyable as possible for all.

You began working for yourself as a property developer; what challenges did you face?
Initially, I was learning by trial and error, only as good as the team I had around me. Fortunately that taught me a lot. Every job brings its shares of challenges but what is great is that I now have the knowledge and team to overcome any obstacle.

Why did you chose to set up your own business rather than joining a property development company?
I’ve always liked to be very hands on with projects and have a strong sense of what works well. Running my own business means that any project I undertake means I can make decisions about how best to manage it.

When you view a property, do you instantly know how to maximise its potential?
Properties in London never cease to amaze me, there are so many hidden gems. I take the time when I walk into a property to assess it then I am filled with ideas of how to remodel it.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From everyday life, as well as the more obvious routes of internet research, trade shows, magazines, television programmes. I constantly take photos of what I really like when I’m out and about so that I know I can call on them for inspiration when the time is right. I also love spending time trawling through antique and vintage sites online as well as building ideas through various boards on Pinterest that are accessible via my own website.


Do you follow interior trends or do you follow your clients’ style?
I think it’s always good to have a knowledge of trends and styles but it’s more important to understand a client and give them something they really love and can live with, instead of something they feel they should live with and may soon tire of.

What kinds of projects do you enjoy most and why?
I love creating new spaces and remodeling homes. These days there seems to be so much more emphasis on a house being a home. Indoor /outdoor living has become more important recently. I think most of us in London appreciate having our outdoor space and I love designing around that. In many cases I have flipped internal layouts from front to back as a view of a garden is more ideal than that of a road.

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How do you ensure the process runs smoothly? (old properties often have some surprises!)
It’s always important to be realistic about time scales as well as budgets. Budgets need a healthy contingency and the design brief will no doubt change which has a knock-on effect on time scales. Something that often gets overlooked is the need to involve relevant councils, management companies and neighbours from the start. It’s a tough process made a lot easier if people are on your side.

What’s the most surprising thing you have learnt about the business in 20 years?
There will always be something or someone new to learn from.

If you would like to find out more about Morgan Developments & Designs or make contact with Simon Rees, email or call Property Divas on 020 7431 8000.