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Diva in the spotlight: Laxmi Hussain, Artist and Illustrator | Marketing and Brand Manager at Property Divas

Posted on November 26th, 2015 by admin

“Elegant and ethereal but also precise and geometric, Laxmi Hussain’s drawings and watercolours exist somewhere between the abstract and the realistic, often presenting what appear to be the free-flowing organic forms of nature through intricately ordered patterns.

Her finely detailed line forms are rooted in a fascination with architecture, a subject she studied for several years before becoming disillusioned with the constraints and rigidity of the discipline and shifting her focus to the unconstrained creative possibilities offered by art”. AL


Laxmi has been drawing for as long as she can remember. As a child in London, she would lose hours after school, sketching on the counter in her dad’s corner shop in St John’s Wood. But it is only since the birth of her first child a few years ago that Laxmi has turned her passion into a profession. Re-inspired by the irrepressible joy in creativity which could not be suppressed, she picked up the pen once again, finding artwork to be a valuable means of reclaiming her own identity and exploring new opportunities through which to pen her unique talent.



So where does her inspiration come from? In a nutshell, from her architectural eye for detail, from the forms encountered in everyday life, from the patterns of home interiors, the natural shapes of the outdoors and the geometries of architecture itself. Working in several different media, usually at night, Laxmi is driven by experimentation, constantly exploring new techniques and searching for the shapes and subjects they express best. Often, her work includes elements that appear incomplete – a bird reduced to an outline or a face with an absent feature – obliging the viewer to pause and engage with the artwork, filling in the absences themselves rather than just dismissing it and moving on.

Laxmi first worked with Property Divas upon completing her architecture degree and has recently re-joined the team having worked for the boutique hotel booking service Mr & Mrs Smith for four years. There, as Picture Editor, Laxmi assisted in curating the collection of images throughout the company’s website; a task which required a keen eye, and an appreciation for interior design and high-end property. More importantly this involved a clear understanding of the brand and reinforcing this through these images.

In returning to Property Divas May 2014, Laxmi was delighted to accept the position of Marketing and Brand Manager and immediately embarked on working alongside the two Directors designing, overseeing the rebranding with her own inimitable style, and re- launching their new website May 2015. Being part of the team from quite early on in the growth of Property Divas, Laxmi is able to use her knowledge and clear understanding of what the brand represents to its clients when designing Property Divas’ marketing material. Equally as this is now created in-house, quickly, effectively and beautifully, the property details and advertising mediums are unique,  and have earned wide praise in a short space of time. Her photography often graces the posts of our social media division, herself having a large following on Instagram for her ability to capture a moment and share it….

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Laxmi’s distinctive style now attracts commissions for illustrations and artwork from a variety of commercial clients and individuals, and she exhibits her pieces at galleries and art events around London.

With the festive season approaching, Laxmi has especially created a set of greeting cards for purchase on her website. If you would like to purchase a pack of six, featuring up to four different designs, visit Packs cost £16 including p&p with £1 being donated to Crisis, a charity dedicated to helping the homeless.