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Property Divas partner with Enness Private Clients

Posted on July 29th, 2014 by admin

Property Divas has recently partnered with Enness Private Clients – a high net worth mortgage brokerage based in Mayfair in order to extend our offering to our clients.

Lotty Bennett , Marketing Executive at Enness Private Clients, will be contributing to the Property Divas blog so that our readers are able to learn about the fast-paced housing market in London from a financial aspect.

Enness Private Clients specialise in helping their clients to source mortgages all over the UK, particularly in London. The fact that last year alone they advised on half a billion pounds of mortgage transactions speaks for itself. They also work with every lender that will lend in the UK including mainstream, private and offshore banks.

It is this whole off market approach which differentiates them from their competitors. This means that once Property Divas has sourced you your dream property, you can talk to Enness to make sure that the process moves forward quickly.

Property Divas recommend Enness because they’re your most logical port of call to make sure that the buying process goes smoothly from the financial side. Often not having the finance in place can prevent your purchase from completing fast enough.

So, what is happening in the property market at the moment? The general consensus seems to be that over the last few weeks, the prime central London market appears to be cooling – for the first time in some years, particularly in the £2 million+ price bracket. This evidence is certainly positive in that it works against fears of a “property bubble” emerging. It indicates the potential for a properly functioning market that won’t isolate Londoners having to leave London in order to get on the property ladder.

Within the mortgage market, business seems to be buoyant. It is a well-known fact that in this market it makes more sense to borrow than to not. Despite newspaper hype that MMR (the regulator’s market review) would result in it being impossible for people to get mortgages Enness Private Clients has in fact learnt that mortgage lending has leapt by a third over the last year. This is the highest figure since the financial crisis in 2008 and is particularly applicable for the top end of the market where we are witnessing only a fractional change of activity. Enness have always appreciated the importance of how you present a case to the correct lender so it remains business as usual for them!

If you’d like to learn more about Enness and its services, please visit www.ennessprivate.co.uk to speak to an advisor and set up a free consultation..

In the meantime, keep reading the Property Divas blog where we’ll be posting market analysis and an overview of what’s happening in the London property market – from mortgages, to areas to invest, to Mansion Tax and much more…

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