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Team Property Divas “MoonWalk” Challenge May 13th 2017

Posted on April 5th, 2017 by admin

Property Divas first entered the 2012 MoonWalk to mark its fifth birthday. To date, having entered the 2014 and 2015 events, we have raised a staggering £20,606.40 for breast cancer charities.

The cause is very close to our hearts at “Diva HQ” as a member of our team has been on this journey and was given a clear bill of health in 2015.

 We do the MoonWalk once again in 2017 to mark our 10th birthday and in honour of our colleague and all men and women who bravely face this disease with fortitude and courage. “Team Property Divas” wholeheartedly admire you!

 Please support our amazing walkers:

Team Property Divas – Sharron Nachoom, Michelle Barr, Laxmi Hussain, Giulio Santangelo, James Taylor, Alison Angus, Liz Kaye, Aviva Elias and Helen Duncan

Our fundraising page if you would like to support us:  http://wtwalk.org/moonwalklondon2017/property-divas